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ShinyCat is the ultimate wet food that cats can't resist!
 ShinyCat is free from artificial additives and preservatives and contains no flavour enhancers. Genuine flavour does not need any 'boosters'!  Available in different flavors including tuna, chicken , salmon and more.  Ask your pet shop for shiny cat.  For more information contact sales@borg-cardon.com or call on 21442698.

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Our latest offers

Our Latest offers and news

Send us on email on mail@borg-cardona.com for more information.  You can also automatically  fill in your details in this form to join our news letter.  Please visit our facebook page for any current offer applicable.
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Current offer Royal Canin

Royal Canin Gifts coming out soon

Claim your free gift with Royal Canin.  Still ongoing Royal Canin Loyalty Card which can be redeemed every Monday from 9.30 am till 12.30 am from Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd, Ta Qali.  Email mail@borg-cardona.com or call us on 21414753.
Royal Canin loyalty scheme and free gifts out soon.
Vouchers terms and conditions

Gift Vouchers terms and conditions

If you have received a gift voucher from our end , click on the following link to learn more about the voucher terms and conditions.
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Consumer Tips

Buying pet food

When choosing pet foods and supplies, always ensure that you frequent a reputable outlet that has helpful and knowledgeable sales assistants.

When buying pet foods and treats, always check that the items are properly sealed and are not past their expiry date.  Ensure that the foods you buy is suitable for your pet's needs.

Our partners and community

Our community

At Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd we are proud to work with different Ngo's , Sanctuaries, Feeders but also responsible breeders, animal lovers, pet owners.  We work with all these parties with the aim of better and improve the life of our pets at home.
On behalf of Ginja, I would like to thank you for her favourite bag of food ( Royal Canin ( ! Keep up the good quality you provide, you make our pets healthy and strong. Thanks once again! Antiella Grech.
Meet our Star Luna
Hello I am Luna , my brother is Super Floyd.  We are both awesome and we all love Royal Canin Mainecoon food.
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Get in Touch
Customer care
mail@borg-cardona.com or call on 21414753.
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Trade Enquiries ( Ta qali' ) : 21445816

Pet Shop, Balzan : 21442698
Pet Shop, Marsa : 21246760
Animal Pharm Pharmacy : 21449058

Customer care : 21414753

Email : sales@borg-cardona.com